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From the grid, to the people.

This isn’t just the first self-learning energy system, it’s an energy opportunity. A chance for businesses and people to take control without changing themselves. Join our connected collective of savers, sharers, and revolutionaries, liberating themselves from smart-meter anxiety.

Our story

Powers shifted

The worst cost of living crisis in recent memory has seen our energy bills soar, hitting every business and household. 

But what if there was a solution that could help every business and home with cheaper, cleaner energy? An energy ally, that uses smart battery technology to work for you and the planet.


Allye is at the heart of the energy transition, helping the world accelerate the shift to renewables, promoting local grid resiliency while helping individuals, communities and society to access green energy in a sustainable way.

Allye MAX

Your Allye in the energy transition

Mobile batteries are growing in popularity as an alternative to diesel generators but are bulky, underpowered, expensive, and difficult to transport and manage.​

On-site battery storage is expensive and unintelligent, with long payback periods and inability to manage the flow of energy based on tariffs, onsite renewables, and grid service.

The only energy product you need

For off-grid, on-grid, and grid constraint sites – the Allye MAX is the only product versatile enough to provide high power and reduce energy costs by up to 70%.

From construction sites, to EV charging hubs, to factories, the MAX is a powerhouse of  product that replaces both diesel generators and battery energy storage systems (BESS).


The MAX uses AI to predict usage and optimise charging and discharging.

Provides full transparency and remote support to ensure a smooth user experience.

360° intelligence

An energy storage system that is flexible, modular, and easy to deploy

Energy Arbitrage

Reduce energy costs by storing energy when prices are low, and use energy when prices are high

Power Boost

Boost the power available from the grid and generators, eliminating the need for grid upgrades

Renewable Storage

Store free excess renewable energy and use it when energy prices are high


Immediate, clean, silent power backup in case of a blackout


Can be daisy chained to increase capacity and power as needed


Made of repurposed EV packs, reducing embedded CO2 by 60%

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